NCDC Online

NCDC is now providing live-stream classes in addition to the ondemand classes found throughout the NCDC Online program. You may click on any genre below to view the existing library of prerecorded classes for each genre.

Live Stream Classes

Below are the live classes currently being offered by the NCDC faculty. These classes are currently being offered through Zoom.

  • Classes are 40 minutes in length
  • All classes are $15 per participate
  • Payment is via Venmo directly to the teacher*

Please click on a desired class to get the Zoom code. You will need a Venmo account to pay the teacher prior to joining the class.

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Live-Stream Tutorial:

Name / Email / Venmo

Mr. Michael
[email protected]


Ms. Maia
[email protected]


Ms. Robin
[email protected]


Mr. Nhan
[email protected]


Ms. Michelle
[email protected]


Mr. Becca
[email protected]


Ms. Dacia
[email protected]


Ms. Jessica
[email protected]


Ms. Lara
[email protected]


Mr. Catrina
[email protected]

See Link

Ms. Ella
[email protected]


*Ms. Catrina uses a different payment system as her body awareness classes are already available. If you are interested in taking her class, please follow the link associated with that class for more info.