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The NCDC Black Box Theater makes professional performing opportunities possible at a reasonable cost. The fully equipped performing space, in conjunction with NCDC technical support, is available year round at low rental rates. Renters will have access to the theater, dressing room, lighting and sound systems, lobby, and restrooms on performance nights. See attached Map of Facility.

Facility Description

Black Box Theater
  • Type: Black Box
  • Floor: Flat
  • Dimensions of Theater Floor: 73’ by 34’Dimensions of actual Stage: 36’ by 34’ (can depend on general seating set up)
  • Ceiling height: approximately 18’
  • Total seating capacity: 99 in raised theater seatsIn addition, up to 50 folding chairs can be placed on the floor- you must supply chairs if youchoose to place general seating on the floor. 32 floor seats are recommended for the space.Loading Area/Truck Parking
    • Located in the parking lot around the back of the building
    • Loading Area Door/Access Specifications: Double Door; 68” x 80” Dressing Room (Dance Studio B)

• Full length wall mirrors Green Room (Dancer Lounge)

  • Leather sofa
  • Microwave and refrigerator
  • Vending machine
  • Sink Restrooms

• Separate Mens and Womens Restroom Lobby


The NCDC Black Box Theater is available for tech rehearsal and performances:
  • Friday
  • Saturday (generally after 1:00pm)
  • Sunday
  • Monday-Thursday 9:00am-2:00pm.Hours and dates are subject to availability. Please email [email protected] for available dates and times.

    Rates And Fees

  • Facility Rental: $125 per hr (minimum of 4 hours)
  • Hourly Overtime (after midnight): $50 per hr. Mon-Fri, $75 per hr. Sat. & Sun.
  • Technical Director: $25 per hr.(required to be in house at all times you are in the theater as well as 1.5 hours prior to your arrival for set up)
  • Student Technicians (if more then one technician is required): $10 per hr.
  • Janitorial and Supply Fee (non-refundable): $100
  • Back Drop Rental Fee (optional): $200The theater has backdrops that you may choose to rent for your performance. Photos of the backdrops are available upon request.


  • 50% of all applicable fees due to NCDC with submission of Certificate of Insurance.
  • All remaining balances are due in full 10 days prior to the event. Credit Cards Accepted.
  • Certificate of InsuranceSubmission of a Certificate of Insurance certifying that a comprehensive general liability insurance policy is in effect during the term of the use of the facilities with a combined single limit coverage of $1,000,000 naming Northern California Dance Conservatory Inc. as additional insured is required and shall be signed by an authorized officer of the insurance company.
  • You must provide at least two people to handle seating, box office, and programs as well as any additional crew you may need in addition to the theater Technical Director. Please feel free to email the Technical Director before your event to discuss your technical requirements.
  • Any items needing to hang from the ceiling must be well secured and at least ten feet above the dance floor. Cable and gel frames should never be dropped on the floor. If sets are to be used please speak to the Technical Director.
  • The NCDC Facility is a multi-use facility and we ask that you respect it as such. The NCDC Facility is used for daily technique classes and rehearsal; therefore the premises must be cleaned and equipment restored before you leave. No smoking, eating, or drinking is permitted in the theater or studios. No glitter, glycerin or oil base body make-up, or other fluids are permitted on the NCDC Facility floors.
  • Following your final performance, you must restore the NCDC Facility to its original condition. Lighting additional to the Repertory Plot, special markings on the floor, as well as those on circuits, instruments, and gel frames must be removed. Lighting must be restored to the Repertory Plot. Your janitorial fee covers the deep cleaning of the theater after your use; floors, mirrors etc. However, you are responsible for all trash, and making sure the theater, dressing room and green room are restored to their original condition.

    Scheduling Process

    1. Carefully review all the details in the Black Box Theater Rental packet.
    2. Decide on precise dates and times for your performance with your production team.
    3. Email [email protected] to check the calendar for availability
    4. Fax, email or mail your application (last page of the Black Box Theater Rental packet) with your requested dates and times for performance and rehearsal.
    5. NCDC will review your application and contact you if additional information is needed. Once your application has been approved, NCDC will send you a contract for you to sign, date and return. NCDC recommends you keep a copy for your records.
    6. Sign, date and return the approved contract with your Certificate of Insurance and non-refundable 50% deposit.
    7. Once received, your show is scheduled.