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Acceptance to the 3-week program is by audition only.  Live auditions are held each week at NCDC and video submissions are also accepted via our online submission form.  For acceptance to the 2-week program no audition is necessary, but dancers must take a minimum of 2 ballet classes weekly for 8-10yrs and 3 for ages 11+. Dancers will be placed in levels appropriate for their technical skill.  Dancers will be assessed for placement on the first day of the intensive.


No. of Ballet Classes/Week

Payment Details

(For students auditioning for the three week program no payment will be processed until you have received an official invitation to the program and have emailed us your acceptance.)


Refund Policy: Refunds are granted for medical conditions only, and require receipt of a physicians note to withdrawal.  Refund schedule: 50% if withdrawal notification is received by June 15th, 2019.  Refunds will not be given for any reason after July 1st, 2019.
  • Dancers ages 8-10

    $ 515 Due in full by May 15th
  • Duration:

    2 week program
    9 AM – 12:00 PM*



    Early registration Fee
    (Paid in full by March 15th)


  • Dancers ages 11+

    $ 680 Due in full by May 15th
  • Duration:

    2 week program
    9 AM – 1:00 PM*



    Early registration Fee
    (Paid in full by March 15th)


  • Dancers ages 12+

    $ 1350 Due in full by May 15th
  • Duration:

    3 week program**
    12:00 PM to 7:00 PM
    4 hours on Saturday

    Early registration Fee
    (Paid in full by March 15th)



  1. All applicants both current NCDC students and students coming from other schools must submit the online Registration Form.
  2. The 3 week intensive for ages 12+ requires a live or video audition for all applicants who are not currently enrolled at NCDC (Dancers will be notified by email within 2 weeks of the audition with audition results.)
  3. Dancers will receive confirmation of Registration via email with further details and instructions.
  1. Submit the completed online Application Form.
  2. Schedule your audition by email at [email protected] or calling the front office at 916-791-2061. Prospective Summer Intensive students will be auditioned in the following NCDC weekly classes:
    Ballet Wednesday 6:00-7:30pm (12-14yrs)
    Ballet Thursday 5:00-7:00pm  (14+)
    (Please bring your pointe shoes if applicable)
  3. $30.00 Audition fee will be collected at the front desk at the time of check in for your audition class
If you cannot attend an in-person audition at the school, a videotaped audition may be submitted. Click here to upload your video audition. Please include payment for the $30 audition fee and a Youtube or Vimeo link to your video.

The video submission should include the following:

  • A brief close-up shot of the dancer (face or body), in which the dancer clearly states his or her name, age, and a brief history of previous dance training
  • Short Barre (one side is acceptable)
  • Adagio with développés in each position, promenades, and pirouettes
  • Petit Allegro
  • Grand Allegro including grand jetés and grand jeté en tournant, and either balancés or waltzes
  • MEN: Simple tour en l’air exercise and multiple pirouette combination
  • WOMEN: Pointe work including pirouettes, relevés on two legs and repeated relevés on one leg, and turns executed on the diagonal.
  • A contemporary phrase or improvisation demonstrating your personal movement quality and style.
  • Videos should be no longer then 10 minutes in length