SPRING SESSION 2021 - January
4th-June 28th, 2021

Both in-studio and Zoom options. Flexible schedule-Join anytime during the summer.

Dear NCDC Family and Friends,

We welcome dancers back into the studios for the Spring Session on January 4th, 2021. While we have implemented new policies and procedures that will help to keep us safe, they can only be effective if we are diligent in following them. We know each of us will want to run up to our friends and give them a big hug. One day we will do just that! For now, please remember we must be cautious and patient and do the things we need to do to keep each other safe and healthy. Although being in the studio may be a bit different for a while, it will be JOYOUS to dance together again and we can’t wait to see you either in the studios or via Zoom!

Spring Session 2021 Details

  • Dates: January 4th-June 28th, 2021
  • Registration: Visit ncdc.com to register for Spring Session 2021
  • Tuition: Join anytime. Monthly tuition will be pro-rated upon enrollment.
  • Students may choose to attend in person or virtually via Zoom.
  • PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ENROLL IN THE CORRECT SESSION. If you have already enrolled in in-studio classes but want to be moved to the ZOOM option, please email [email protected] and we will switch you to the correct roster. Students who would like to move from ZOOM to in-studio instruction during the course of the session can do so if space is available. (Class sizes are limited due to social distancing restrictions).

​Required Before Classes Begin

  • NCDC will be providing free dance bags for dancers enrolled in the Spring Session in-studio classes. Students will keep these bags with them at all times while at the studio. All dancers enrolled in Fall Session in-studio classes who did not receive a bag for the summer session will need to pick up their dance bag from the front office.
  • All online waivers will need to be signed during registration or via the Parent Portal.


Please see below the detailed information regarding safety and health procedures and protocols now in place.

General Safety Guidelines

  • All studios will be accessed by an exterior door. (see attached diagram) 
  • All Students must wear masks or face shields while entering and exiting the building, in all common spaces and during classes. (Masks in Tiny Tot or Ballet/Tap Combo classes, are optional).
  • All interior spaces, including the lobby and student lounges, are closed. 
  • Prior to class, students may line up on the safety stickers outside each studio. 
  • Students are to use hand-sanitizer upon entering the studio for each class. 
  • Students are allowed to bring their official NCDC cinch-sack, its contents, and a water bottle into the studio. 
  • The restrooms will be single use and will be accessible from the exterior door. 
  • All studios will have “marks” around the perimeter for bags and on the floor for spacing. 
  • There will be no eating in the studios. There will not be access to the mini- fridge or concessions. 
  • We are here to serve you and the office will be staffed so they may assist you via email and phone. Please refrain from coming into the lobby to talk to the office. The office will be open from 3 pm to 9 pm. 
  • The lost and found has been removed. All items left at the studio will be thrown away. 

Pick-up / Drop Off

  • All students must arrive wearing their dance clothes. Restrooms cannot be used for changing. 
  • Students should wait in their vehicles until approximately 5 minutes before class times to avoid congregating. 
  • Students should proceed to the appropriate cue line outside of their studio and wait for their teacher’s instructions. 
  • Students under 8 may be accompanied to the cue or to the front door – Tiny Tot or Ballet/Tap Combo parents may remain in the common area but must wear a mask and practice safe social distancing. 
  • All classes will end 10 minutes early to facilitate student transfers and classroom sanitization. 
  • Hour classes will end at :50 and hour and a half classes will end at :20 to allow us time to excuse students one at a time and sanitize and clean the studios between classes.
  • PLEASE arrive in time to pick up your student.


  • Restrooms are available from an exterior door. (See attached diagram) 
  • Studios A, B, & C/D will use the front two restrooms; Studio E will use one of the back restrooms. 
  • All male students will use a back restroom. 
  • Students will use the internal hallways during class time to get to the restrooms. Reminder: masks must be wore while in the common areas. 
  • ONLY 1 STUDENT at a time from each class will be allowed to use the restroom.

In Class

  • Students will enter and exit classes one at a time with appropriate distance. 
  • Street shoes will be removed at the door and taken to a perimeter mark along with the NCDC drawstring bag and a water bottle. 
  • Students will maintain a safe distance by staying at their mark during barre (if applicable) or center mark. 
  • In class there will be no body contact or partnering. 
  • ANY STUDENT who can not follow guidelines will be asked to attend via Zoom.

Health Screening

  • Parents should conduct their own health assessment prior to arriving at NCDC. 
  • Anyone with a cough, difficulty breathing, or a fever greater than 100o should stay home. Anyone showing these symptoms in class will be sent home. 
  • If you have allergies, please do your best to treat the symptoms. 
  • Anyone who has traveled to a location outside the United States in the last 14 days should take class via Zoom. 
  • Anyone who has been in contact with a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days should take class via Zoom. 
  • Attendance will be taken in every class.

Studio Diagram