To reach the highest artistic standards, and prepare dancers physically, emotionally, and mentally; to meet the demanding requirements of top-tier collegiate and conservatory programs, and the professional world of dance.


The curriculum includes rigorous classical ballet and contemporary training with supplemental classes in conditioning, improvisation & choreographic techniques. Dancers participate in weekly rehearsals and monthly workshops in a variety of topics essential to an overall comprehensive dance education. The program provides students the ability to adapt to many styles and techniques of dance, transforming passionate dance students into versatile, individualistic artists able to collaborate and evolve fluidly in an ever-changing dance world and society.
As the organization’s reputation continues to build worldwide, dancers in this division have the opportunity for national and international travel giving them additional performance and professional experience. Dancers also have the unique opportunity to create and perform in student-choreographies that are presented at the annual “Back Stage” performances at the NCDC Theater.

Mentoring & Support:

Dancers will receive assistance as they transition from high school to the Collegiate, Conservatory or professional world of dance. Directors provide personal support with letters of recommendation, creating resumes & audition videos, scheduling auditions and making connections in the professional world.


Dancers have a comprehensive performance schedule each season both locally and abroad. Since the inauguration of the NCDC in July 2006, students of the esteemed NCDC Pre-Professional division have been invited to perform at “Jacob’s Pillow” – MA, “Stage de Royan” Festival – France, National Ballet School Gala Performance – Berlin, Germany, “Young Tanzsommer” Festival – Austria, with the Limon Dance Company, and at the “Dance under the Stars” Palm Desert Choreography Festival – CA among others. – Alumni have been accepted into leading collegiate and conservatory programs, have received numerous awards at dance and choreography competitions, and are dancing with professional companies throughout the world.

Auditions & Programs:

The Division is divided into 5 programs and acceptance is by audition. Students are evaluated on artistry, physicality, maturity & technical skill.

Ballet Trainee & Contemporary Trainee:

Trainees begin as the entry level in the PP division. At this level they are cultivated to better understand the physical and artistic requirements in becoming a professional dancer. Young dancers are introduced to a professional work ethic, discipline and commitment. Dancers in this level are given opportunities to travel and undergo a series of master classes. The main goal of the Trainee program is to help dancers start to understand the demands of this profession and the path to become a professional dancer.

Ballet Apprentice:

Apprentices are given opportunities to travel and are exposed to different dance Companies, dance forms, dancers and teachers throughout the world. Dancers undergo a series of master classes, workshops and choreographic studies that enhance their education and training. They have the opportunity to perform with the NCDC Company, have increased performance exposure, and the opportunity to perform solo work at the discretion of the director. Dancers in this division acquire a better understanding on how rehearsals are run and how a dance Company functions. After having acquired a deeper understanding of the dance world, the main goal is to prepare them for acceptance into the NCDC Company where they will further develop their artistry, skill and understanding.

Ballet Company & Contemporary Company:

Company members get a tremendous amount of exposure that will prepare them for the final step of becoming a professional dancer. At this level they have the opportunity to work with national and international choreographers, teachers and dance Companies. They perform in choreographies set on them and have the prospect for solo work. Dancers experience how a professional Company works and undertake national and international touring at different festivals. Dancers also have the unique opportunity to create student-choreographies that are presented at the annual “Back Stage” performances at the NCDC Theater.

Directors of this division will assist aspiring Company dancers in the transition from high school to the professional world of dance providing personal support to create resumes, audition DVDs, schedule auditions and make connections in the professional world.

Attendance Policy:

Members of the Pre-Professional division are expected to take all of their required classes an attend all rehearsals and scheduled performances. At this level as technique becomes increasingly more difficult, regular attendance is crucial in order to maintain and develop the required strength, skill and artistry, and safeguard against injury.