NCDC COVID-19 update 4/28/2020

A Letter From Founder Jen Bradford

Dear NCDC Families,

We miss our dancers and are so looking forward to the day we can all be in the studio dancing together. The ever-evolving and fluid situation with COVID-19 makes it very difficult for us to project exactly how and when that will happen. It is likely that things will not go back to “normal” for quite some time. We are thoughtfully and carefully looking at our procedures and how we can redefine our approach to teaching dance for the days and months ahead.

We feel it is important that we are prepared for what may come, and it is in the spirit of preparation and cautious optimism that we have created several possible scenarios for returning to the studio. Today, we will introduce you to PLAN A or, as we like to call it, the best-case scenario. Please read the Q&A below and the attached document as it will answer the majority of your questions on how we are handling the remainder of the 2019/2020 season and our plan for moving forward (as of today).
We will be updating you with any changes as things evolve and we receive additional guidance from our public health officials and government leaders.

We also want to introduce you to the NCDC Summer Sponsorship Program (SSP). This program was created to help students whose family’s current financial situation makes it impossible for them to continue taking dance class. If your student would like to dance in the summer session, but your family has suffered financial hardships due to COVID 19, OR you are a family or business who might be able to sponsor a student to take class through the summer, please email [email protected].

Although we are all weathering the same storm, we are all on very different ships. Our hearts are with each of you in your varied circumstances and situations. We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for all of the support we have received from so many of you. We feel very lucky to have such an incredible community that has grown over the past 15 years. We look forward to the day we can see each of you back at the studio. Until then, dance in your homes, dance in nature, dance in your hearts. JUST DANCE!

With love,

All of us at NCDC

2019/2020 SEASON Q&A

Will NCDC re-open for the remainder of the 2019/2020 season? 

We have decided to end our 2019/2020 dance season. All future tuition payments for this season have been suspended. We will continue to offer online semi/private classes with our faculty until we are able to come back into the studio. You can view and sign up for these classes at We are looking forward to our upcoming Summer Session and shows! 

Have Double Feature and Spectacular been canceled? 

No, DF and Spectacular have not been cancelled. Both shows have been postponed to August 2020. The shows will be presented by the participants in our upcoming Summer Session. At this point in time we plan for them to be presented to a live audience, as well as live streamed for those who prefer to watch the presentation in the comfort of their own home. Tentative Dates are as follows: Double Feature August 15th & Spectacular August 22nd. Further details TBA. 

Will I receive a refund for the Double Feature tickets I have already purchased? 

Yes. The Harris Center has assured us that refunds for all tickets were in process as of the last week of April, and many of you have likely already received notification of a credit for your charges. 

What will happen with my show and costume fees for the 2019/2020 season? 

All Open Division show, media and costume fees for both Spectacular and Double Feature have been credited to your NCDC account. You may use these funds for future classes, merchandise, show or costume fees. There is no expiration for these credits. We want our families to come back to class at a time in which they feel is best for their family. Please check your NCDC account to see your available funds. See below for more information about Conservatory Division show and costume fees. 

Can I pick up my Spectacular costume instead of receiving the credit to my account? 

Unfortunately no. Although we have paid for all of our costumes, we have only received about 50% of the costumes we ordered for Spectacular. Because we can not supply all of our dancers with their costume, we have decided to credit your accounts for the price of the costume and keep the costumes we have received for the summer shows. 

How are Conservatory Division fees being handled for the 2019/2020 Season? 

Conservatory Division fees are a flat fee that we divide into equal monthly installments for the convenience of our CD families. These fees cover the expenses involved in being a member of the Conservatory Division at NCDC. CD fees which were collected through April covered all performances, costumes, and media prior to and including Backstage. CD fees will not be collected May and June. 


Will NCDC be holding classes during the summer? 

Yes. We are planning to offer a Summer Session at the studio June 8th-August 22nd. Registration will be available May 11th. The Summer Session will culminate in two shows: A Double Feature presentation – Coppelia and Alice in Wonderland, and Spectacular. Tentative dates are as follows: Double Feature August 15th & Spectacular August 22nd. Each class will be assigned to a show depending on the average age of the students in that class. 

Will there be Registration Fees for Summer Session? 

No. The registration fees for the 2019/2020 season have been extended to include the Summer Session. There will be no additional registration fees charged for Summer Session. 

How is tuition charged for the Summer Session? 

Tuition will be charged monthly based on the number of hours taken as usual. Please visit for details. June and August will be prorated according to the start and end date of the Summer Session. 

What are the hours during the Summer Session? 

Summer Session will be scheduled afternoon through evening hours of the day (as during the regular season). This decision was based on the possibility of school beginning in July as indicated by Governor Newsom. Afternoon/evening classes will accommodate for possible school hours. 

Will make-ups be offered for families who already have scheduled summer plans? 

We understand that many families already have summer plans. Students who miss summer session classes will have the opportunity to make up those classes when they return by taking additional classes of their choosing. 

Has the NCDC Summer Intensive been cancelled? 

Plan A is that the NCDC Summer Intensive will be replaced with the Summer Session. Because our dancers have lost so much training during these months, we felt it would be in their best interest to offer a longer summer training option. Those who have paid for the NCDC Summer Intensive, will be given refunds to the payment method that was used. The Summer Intensive will be held if Plan A is not a viable option. 

What safety measures will you be taking to ensure the studio is a safe environment? 

When we are given the OK by our local and state government and health officials to come back into the studio, we will follow the recommended safety guidelines and expectations. We are in the process of defining new approaches and strategies that will allow our students to move forward and come to class while staying safe and healthy. Possible scenarios include: 

Dancers having direct access into each of the studios from the outside parking lots thus alleviating congregating in common areas and hallways. Sanitizing stations set up in each studio for dancers upon entrance and exits. Time between each class to allow for sanitizing of the studios. Organized social distancing protocols in each class. Providing small NCDC bags that the students will use for their dance shoes and supplies that will stay with them in the studios. Thorough cleaning and sanitization procedures each night, and in between classes. The wearing of masks by either or both teachers and students. 

What are the requirements for Summer Session for Open Division? 

In an effort to help as many families as possible return to dance in whatever capacity they can, we have waived any class requirements. Dancers will enroll in the same level as the fall 2019/2020 season. Dancers may enroll in as many or as few classes as their family situation and circumstances permit. Dancers must be enrolled in a performing class to participate in the summer shows. Details attached. 

Will there be Hourly Requirements for the Conservatory Division During Summer Session? 

The Conservatory Division will register for the same rehearsal and level for their 2019/2020 season. However, the hourly requirements will be fewer and more flexible than during our regular season. Details attached. 

Is Participation in the Summer Shows Mandatory for taking classes during the summer? 

No. If a family for whatever reason opts out of summer shows, they are still welcome to register to attend Summer Session classes. 

What are the Summer Show Fees for Open Division students? 

Double Feature and Spectacular show fees will be charged for participating dancers (Fees will be at a lower rate than outlined in Parent Handouts sent out early this year. Media packages will be optional. Please see the attachment for details). For Conservatory Division fees, please see below. 

Is there a Dress Code for Summer Session? 

No. Dancers will not be required to wear the studio uniform and can wear any appropriate clothing for each class genre. 

Will Conservatory Division fees be charged during the Summer? 

No. CD fees will not be charged through the summer. CD students will pay the same production fees as Open Division students for Double Feature. Media packages for these shows are optional. Those are the fees usually covered in your May and June CD fees which were not charged this year. CD students will not be charged costume fees for their CD classes as they were paid (and utilized) throughout the year. Costume fees will be charged for any OD classes. 

Will Conservatory Division Casting for Double Feature be changed? 

The casting may need to be revised to reflect the availability of the dancers. The group dances may need to be readjusted. Only dancers enrolled in the Summer Session will be cast in Double Feature. 


Has the Student Choreography Solo show been cancelled? 

Yes, it is with a heavy heart that we have cancelled the Student Choreography/Solo presentation. We are hoping to present solos and even some of the Student Choreography at Spectacular in August. 

When will Conservatory Division Auditions for the 2020/2021 Season take place? 

The exact date is TBA, but we are planning for auditions to take place in August. 

When will Fall Session begin? 

Classes for the Fall 2020/2021 season are scheduled to start Tuesday, September 8th.