NCDC’s Adult Beginning/Intermediate Ballet is a mixed-level class that will be tailored to the participating dancers. This is a wonderful opportunity for beginners to challenge themselves and intermediate participants to focus on the fundamentals of ballet technique in a fun and supportive atmosphere.


NCDC Adult classes are offered on a drop-in basis and no individual class enrollment is required. All adults wishing to attend must register with NCDC and pay an annual processing fee of $35. Classes are paid via a punch card available for purchase.

Process for enrolling in the NCDC Adult classes:

  1. Enroll in the Adult Class roster below
    • Clicking on the enroll button will take you to the NCDC enrollment form. This will allow you to:
      • Provide us with your contact information
      • Join the Adult Class roster
      • Agree to NCDC’s studio policies
      • Pay the registration fee of $35
  2. Purchase a punch card via the link below
    • Purchased punch cards may be picked up at the front desk after classes start August 15th
    • Classes will be either 2 or 3 punches depending on the length of the class

Available Classes:

Class Rates:
  • Punch cards can be used for all classes:
    • 1 hr classes are 2 punches
    • 1.5 hour classes are 3 punches
  • Punch Cards can be used to mix and match classes
  • Classes are drop-in / come when you want

Punch Cards Available

Punch cards are available in the following amounts:









Drop-in Rates:

Below are the rates for Adult classes without a punchcard

1 hour

1.5 hour



Adult Class Punch Card

Adult Class Punch Card

$60.00 - $220.00

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