“I have had the pleasure of experiencing being around the company dancers and teachers on a trip to Palm Desert this last year. I can remember visiting with my son and the other dancers. I wanted to express not only what a gift they have, but how lucky they were to be instructed by such talented teachers. Brendon did have a strong start at his previous studio, but after being at NCDC for the past two years he has grown not only in to an incr edible young man, but a well structured, committed amazing dancer. I know this is why he made it in to Julliards summer program, (only 44 kids in the world get chosen.) I know Brendon can go on to have a great future in dance expeci ally since he still has the opportunity to be instructed by NCDC for at least a couple more years. Thank You so much Jen, Mr. C, Kelly and staff for being in the Sacramento area. We are truly lucky.”
—Donna Feeney
“We are so happy with our experience at NCDC! Brittany has danced in the pre-professional program as an Apprentice for two years and the growth she has experienced as a dancer in that time is astounding. Every time we see an NCDC performance, we are reminded that the sacrifices we make as a family and that Brittany makes personally are more than worth it. Certainly, particpation in the pre-professional program is a major committment, not just for the dancers, but for their families as well. After two years at the studio I am convinced that the program requirements are necessary and are designed to fulfill the promise of a pre-professional program. Every effort truly is made to offer the dancers the training and experience they need to reach their goals. In addition to the quality of the training the dancers receive, we are so pleased with the teachers, the facilities, the costuming, and the organiz- ational excellence with which details are executed.”
—Katherine and Mark Harrison
“I have been dancing at NCDC since it opened 2 years ago. I have had so many amazing experiences at NCDC. The director, Miss Jen, has blessed us with many talented and world renowned choreo- graphers such as Mia Michaels, Jenny Backaus and coming soon, Dwana Smallwood. I got the oppurtunity to dance in an actual professional choreography festival in Palm Desert this past year, which was great. Also at NCDC, I could honestly say we have the best ballet training with Mr. C in California. So far everything has gone great and I've had more oppurtunities to do things in dance in the past two years than I could ever imagine. It's a great environment, and there is something for everybody!!”
—Katie Jacobson
“Thanks so much for the knowledge, experience and care that you have taken with Michelle's dance training. Michelle was a competitive gymnast and came to dance because of an injury. Although our family had never been involved in dance I knew from her experience as a 20 hour per week gymnast that training and coaching were the most important aspects to look for in a studio. I knew that it would be a mistake to put her in a place where technique and safety weren't foremost-that was how she was injured in gymnastics.

We started dance at 20 hours per week and had to go to four different studios to get her those hours in a ballet one class. After a year of training hard and moving up quickly, she joined a well known local dance company. We found that she was rehearsing more than she was training and she felt that she had stalled in her growth.

This will be Michelle's fifth year in dance and third year as a company member at NCDC. She has grown greatly in technique (a fact that we have had verified by an outside adjudicator) and in her love of dance. After having been part of 5 other studios I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job that you do in keeping technique and training at the front of your program. Performances are wonderful, but thank you for not sacrificing the future of your dancers by sacrificing training.”
—Susan Broaddus
“I want to express my appreciation to all the instructors and staff at NCDC. My 15 year-old daughter has been dancing for 7 years, and for 4 years quite intensively.

We have spent a lot of time and money at different studios and we are so grateful to have found a place that has such a high caliber of instruction in all dance disciplines.

And the opportunity to perform and grow with other like-minded young artists is priceless. She feels both challenged and supported at NCDC, and is happier here than she has been at any other studio. I would recommend NCDC to any family looking for a great dance experience, but if your child has a passion for dance, I think NCDC is without peers in the area.”
—Chuck and Emily Haines
“NCDC? If one wants a studio for their child to flourish in dance from childhood to adulthood, this is the place. The directors are professionals to the highest degree, with the future goals of each student paramount in their minds. Also, all the teachers at NCDC have outstanding backgrounds in dance and work diligently each day to perfect the skills of their students. NCDC staff have the necessary organizational abilities that contribute to the studio's functioning as a "top notch" teaching institute. All that leaves is a child willing to commit to achieve their best and the support of loving parents.”
—Lisa Newton