Summer Intensive 2014
Summer Intensive 2014
The mission of NCDC’s Summer Intensive is to cultivate young dancers emphasizing not only the importance of high quality and brilliant technique, but a deeper appreciation of dance as an art form at its’ highest level.
The NCDC Summer Intensive core program offers a rigorous and challenging ballet experience from some of the world’s most renowned educators. The core classes are supplemented with classes in a variety of disciplines, and lectures on subjects important to the development of a healthy dancer. Whether students are looking for an emphasis on classical ballet technique and variations or innovative modern and contemporary movement the NCDC intensive allows dancers to get exactly what they want and need from their summer training. It is our goal to give dancers the opportunity to improve their skills, gain strength, and broaden their point of view. Dancers in today’s world not only need to be technically strong and precise, but versatile. They must acquire the capabilities to work within a variety of styles and techniques to suit the needs of any company, conservatory or collegiate program.

2014 Schedules
Students Ages 6-8
• July 14th - July 25th
• Tuition: $248.00
• Monday - Friday

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
09:30 -11:00am
(Age 6-8)
Ballet Ballet Ballet Ballet Ballet  

Students Ages 9-12
• July 14th - July 25th
• Tuition for 2 weeks: $330.00
• Monday - Friday
  (Dancers will be divided into groups the first day of class).

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Group A
09:00 -11:00am
Ballet Ballet Ballet Ballet Ballet  
Group B
11:00 -1:00pm
Ballet Ballet Ballet Ballet Ballet  
Group C
11:00 -1:00pm
Ballet Ballet Ballet Ballet Ballet  

Students Ages 12+
Group A: July 14th - July 26th
Group B: July 14th - Aug 2nd
• Tuition for 2 weeks for Group A: $480.00
• Tuition for 3 weeks for Group B: $720.00
• Monday thru Saturday 2:00 -5:30pm
 (Dancers will be divided into groups the first day of class).

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
2:00-4:00pm Ballet Tech Ballet Tech Ballet Tech Ballet Tech Ballet Tech Ballet Tech
4:30-5:30pm Modern Pointe or Stretch Modern Pointe or Stretch Modern Dance Seminars
Students Ages 15+
NCDC will host Project Launch 2013. Dancers might also consider auditioning for this program

**The first day of class is a placement class.

The School invites master educators from around the world to give students an unparallel level of training. The esteemed faculty cohesively joins together to give instruction in a professional setting while challenging each student to reach the peak of their potential.

2014 Faculty Includes:

Past Faculty Includes

Leah Marie Bueno
MarekRozycki - Staatliche Balletschule, Germany
Cosmine Marculetiu - Festival Ballet, Providence
Lillian Barbeito
Sidra Bell - Sidra Bell Dance NYC
Drew Jacoby - Nederlands Dance Theatre
Tina Bohnstedt - Houston Ballet
Brian Enos - Hubbard Street Dance Company Chicago
Christian Burns - Lines Ballet/Director of The Foundry Dance Company
Theodore Constant - International Ballet Master in Residence
Cristina Hamel - International Ballet Mistress -Soloist for Bucharest Ballet
Lee Wei Chao - Lines Ballet
Amy Seiwert - Smuin Ballet/ Artistic Director im'ij-re Ballet Company
Adam Aicher - Master Teacher/ Pilates Trainer
Ben Levy - Artistic Director Levy Dance Company
Heather Cooper - San Jose Dance Co.
Tina Kay Bohnstedt
Dwana Smallwood
- Alvin Ailey Dance Theater
Erin Mahoney - Trey Mcintyre Project

Summer Application 2014
- All dancers including current NCDC students must fill out an application form.

Audition & Registration Information

1. Current NCDC Ambassadors do not need to audition and placement email will be sent out
2. Current NCDC students (non-ambassadors) must get an approval from your current ballet teacher before registering
3. All applicants both current NCDC students and students coming from other schools must download and complete the
   Application and Release Form.
4. Call (916) 791-2061 or email to schedule a in-person audition.

Submit the completed Application Form and audition fee of $20 to the NCDC Front Office at the time of your audition. All accepted applications must accompany a 50% non-refundable deposit. Notification of your acceptance will be sent within 5 business days of your audition class. Unless otherwise notified, your credit card will be charged according to the payment schedule you selected on the Application Form.

If you cannot attend an in-person audition, a videotaped audition may be submitted. Please submit the Application Form with the $20 Audition Fee with your DVD. NCDC will notify you of your placement within 5 days of receipt of your DVD via email.

The DVD submission should include the following:
• A brief close-up shot of the dancer (face or body), in which the dancer clearly states his or her name, age, and a brief history
  of previous dance training.
• Technique Section (to musical accompaniment)
• Grand Adagio with développés in each position, promenades, and pirouettes;
• Petit Allegro, including jumps on two feet, jetés, temps levés, assemblés, and beats;
• Grand Allegro including grand jetés and tour jetés, and either balancés or waltzes.
• MEN: Simple tour en l’air exercise and multiple pirouette combination;
• WOMEN: Pointe work including pirouettes, relevés on two legs and repeated relevés on one leg, and turns executed on the

Housing/Lodging Information
For out-of-town students, lodging is available at the Courtyard Marriott or from local host families. For more information, please call the NCDC office at (916) 791-2061.