Studio Guidelines
Studio Rules
• Only water and dance shoes are allowed in the studios.
• NCDC is a No Gum Zone.
• All dance bags and personal items are to be kept in the student lounge on the shelves.
• Please take home all personal items and clean
up after yourselves.

Classroom Etiquette
We ask that you show your teachers respect by addressing them as Mr. or Ms. We ask you do not leave a class at any time without direct permission from your teacher. Late stud- ents are not to enter the room until the current exer- cise and music has stopped and the student has asked the teachers permission to join the class. Please do not talk during a class as it is very disruptive to the other students. We also ask that you are quiet and respectful in the halls while classes are in session.

Dress Code Information
The dress code will be strictly enforced as we strive for a professional and uniform environment.
Artistic, Executive and Administrative Decisions
The decisions that the directors or teachers make need to be supported and respected. Please trust that NCDC has selected professional teachers, directors and admin- istrators whose primary goal is not only the education of each student, but also creating a positive, nurturing, disc- iplined and organized atmosphere. We ask that you trust their professionalism and experience. Our schedule of classes is very tight so if you need to discuss something with a teacher please see the front desk staff to acquire the teachers email address. NCDC requests that teachers are addressed by email only.

We ask that parents of students do not block the hallways for extended periods of time watching class. This prevents congestion in the facility which was created for the dancers in which we invite you to come into the classroom and observe class. Parents of younger students are invited to stay in the lobby during their child's class or relax in the student lounge.