Through our program kids become so enchanted with dance they hardly realize they are learning skills of coordination, balance, imagination and creativity. Through playful warm ups, costumes, imaginative story dances, and improvisation, students excel and learn in a positive, nurturing environment while building self confidence and poise. As students of the program gain more training they have the opportunity to join our minis and junior performing groups or recreational classes where they can begin a slightly more challenging and structured curriculum. Often times children from other schools transfer to NCDC and their level of dance development is markedly lower than our students - a testament to our methods of teaching.

Tiny Tots Combo (2-3 Years)
30 minutes of creative movement and pre-ballet. This "combination" technique helps to keep the young dancers excited, interested, and focused the entire class as they open their imaginations and creativity

Happy Feet (4-5 Years) (5-6 Years)
45 minutes of tapping fun! Students will learn rhythm, improvisation and beginning tap steps.

Magical Ballet (4-5 Years) (5-6 Years)
45 minutes of pre-ballet and creative movement. Ballerina’s in the making, The use of fun, age appropriate music engages the young dancers' minds and bodies. The use of props and costumes makes this class full of magic!

Combo Classes (4-6 Years)
60 minute classes that will introduce young dancers to different styles of dance and inspire movement and creativity within a nurturing environment. Dancers will also learn basic steps and terminology in each style

Tap, Ballet, Jazz and Combo Basic (6-8 Years)
60 minute classes that challenge the student with proper technique and fun combinations. These classes are created to prepare the student for the next level of dance at NCDC.

Beg Ballet, Tap and Jazz level I and II (7-9 Years)
These classes are offered for the student with at least 1-3 years NCDC training.

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