FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q. Why are some classes listed on the schedule as performing classes and some classes technique only?
A. Our goal is to balance a dancers training with their performance and rehearsal schedule. That is why some classes are listed as technique only.
Q. My dancer is enrolled in a performance class do they have to participate in the show?
A. NO- We highly encourage dancers to take the opportunity to participate in the show with their class but it is not mandatory as additional fees often apply. They can learn the choreography in their class and not perform OR can switch into a technique only class.
Q. How do I know which shows my dancer’s class will participate in?
A. You will get an email letting you know if your dancer’s class has been chosen to participate in a particular show. That email will include all the information you need. As a rule of thumb, classes that average age 8 or under will participate in the Holiday show and the end of the year show at the Black Box Theater here at NCDC. Classes that average age older then 8 will participate in the showcase at the Black Box or the Double Feature event at a larger theater in June.
Q. I have a pink leotard. Do I still have to buy the studio leotard?
A. Yes. We require that all dancers wear the specific NCDC uniform, and because the leotards are specific to the studio, they must be purchased from NCDC.
Q. How do I drop a class?
A. Classes must be dropped in writing by the 15th of the month in order to avoid being charged tuition on the 1st of the following month.
Q. Do you sell shoes?
A. No. Shoes can be purchased at a dance supply store of your choice.
Q. How do I know what is the correct level for my young dancer?
A. The First week of September is what we call evaluation week. Each dancer will be evaluated for placement in the classes that they registered for. If it is not the appropriate class for your dancer you will be notified by the front desk and we will let you know which classes are the correct fit. If you register after September we will evaluate your dancer during the first week of his or her classes.
Q. I am an intermediate ballet dancer but can only take 2 classes a week. Is it mandatory that I take all three?
A. The class requirements for ballet are based on the minimum amount of classes that we believe a dancer must sustain throughout the week in each particular level to progress. If a dancer only takes 2 out of the 3 required classes he or she will not progress at the rate of the other dancers in the class. We have created a program built upon consistency and solid training techniques. So in short, yes you must take all the required classes for each level. Ballet at all levels teaches the same basic principles so you will still have the opportunity to grow and progress in a level directly below your placed class if that is the weekly class requirements that works best for your life and schedule. (exceptions can be made and are at the sole discretion of the teacher).
Q. Do you offer free trial classes?
A. Yes. Please ask the front desk for details.
Q. How do I get a studio uniform?
A. You can purchase a uniform at the front desk.