Dress Code
In order to instill professionalism and a uniform environment, NCDC requires a strict dress code. All leotards and tights can be purchased at the NCDC office or online at the NCDC Store. Shoes can be purchased at local dance supply stores. We ask for compliance of the dress code by October 1st as some of you will need the time to get settled in the correct class. The dress code will be strictly enforced as we strive for a professional and uniform environment. Dress Code is by CLASS. Please see the schedule and find the Code next to your class to determine the appropriate dress code for your class.
For all classes:
• Hair must be pulled back out of face. Slick ballet bun and hair net required for all ballet classes.
• No jewelry
• Please do not let your undergarnments be seen. If you need additional support under your leotards please wear a skin color   camisole or a body tight. (The Body wrappers A/91 body tight is perfect under ballet clothes or any other flesh colored   undergarments that you are comfortable in.)

If you are registered for classes that have different codes please note that you DO NOT have to buy two leotards. You will just buy the leotard that you are wearing the most. For Example if you are registered for 2 classes with code P and one class with code MB you will just need to buy the P leo and wear it to your MB class. Remember the ages below are guidelines and that the dress code is by class. Please check the class schedule for your class code.
NCDC Kids - Ages 2-6 (Code=BG)
To be used for all ballet, tap, jazz and combo classes.
• NCDC Signature Leotard: Color Bubble Gum
  $35+tax (available at the front desk)
• Any pink socks
• Pink Ballet Slippers, Tap or Jazz shoes as applicable
Ballet - Ages 6-10 (Code=P)
• NCDC Signature Leotard: Color Plum
  (Any shade of purple accepted)
  $40+tax (available at the front desk)
• Convertible Tights, Theatrical Pink
  $13.00A/$12.00C (available at the front desk)
• Pink Leather Ballet Slippers
Ballet - Ages 10-13 (Code=MB)
•  NCDC Signature Leotard: Color Mulberry
   $40+tax (available at the front desk)
•  Convertible Tights, Theatrical Pink
   $13.00A/$12.00C (available at the front desk)
•  Pink Canvas Ballet Slippers
Ballet - Ages 13+ (Code=N)
• NCDC Signature Leotard: Color Navy
  $40+tax (available at the front desk)
• Convertible Tights, Theatrical Pink
  $13.00A/$12.00C (available at the front desk)
• Pink Canvas Ballet Slippers 
Ballet Boys - Ages 3-11
• Ballet Short Color: Grey or Black (available at boysdancetoo.com style 1092)
  Cost: $20.00
• Fitted T Shirt or Leotard Color: White
  Cost: $20.50(available at discountdance.com style B400)
• White Socks
• White Leather Ballet Shoes

Ballet Men - Ages 12+
• Wear Moi Solo Footed Tight Color: Grey
  Cost: $37.80 (available at discountdance.com style #WM126)
• Fitted T shirt or Leotard Color: White
  Cost: $22.25 (available at discountdance.com style M400)
• White Socks
• White Canvas Ballet Shoes

  Jazz/Modern (Code=LBB)
• Studio leotard and black bottom. One layer of clothing only.
• Black jazz shoes or barefoot for modern.
  Tap (Code=LBB)
• Studio leotard and black bottom.
• Black tap shoe.
  Hip-Hop (Code=TBB)
• Any Comfortable loose fitting black shorts or pants
• Tank top or Shirt
• Tennis shoes