NCDC offers classes in a variety of dance genres for every level of dancer, from beginner to pre-professional. Classes are generally divided by level and age. NCDC takes special care to ensure that each dancer is in the appropriate class.
Tiny Tots (2-3)
Dancers receive 30 minutes of creative movement and pre-ballet. Children explore space, body locomotion and body part differentiation, simple rhythms and qualities. At first, children learn self-control, body awareness, class structure, tempo and size of movement. An introduction to dance with engaging music and fun props that will help the dancer's imagination and creativity grow!
Ballet/Tap Combo (3-4, 4-6)
Dancers receive 60 minutes of class time that introduces the young dancer to two genres of dance. The combo class is a wonderful opportunity for dancers new to dance that would like to learn the basic techniques of both ballet and tap. The combo classes tend to keep young dancers excited interested and focused. These classes are created to prepare the student for the next level of dance at NCDC. We do recommend that once a dancer is 5 or 6 and has participated in a combo class for a year that they move to the next level and participate in single subject classes.
Happy Feet I (4-5) and II (4-6)
Dancers receive 45 minutes of tapping fun! Students will learn rhythm, improvisation and beginning tap steps through creative games and dances. Happy Feet I is for dancers who are new to tap or have had limited instruction. Happy Feet II is for dancers who have had at least two years of tap instruction.
Magical Ballet I (4-6) and II (4-6)
Dancers receive 45 minutes of pre-ballet and creative movement. Ballerina’s in the making, The use of fun, age appropriate music engages the young dancers' minds and bodies. The dancers learn basic ballet terminology, body alignment, gain flexibility, and increase range of motion and coordination. The use of props makes this class magical and full of fun!
***Dancers must have at least 1 year of Magical ballet I at NCDC to take the Magical Ballet II class.
Ballet Basic (classes divided by age)
A 60 minute class that is designed for the dancer that is new to ballet. Dancers will receive an introduction and overview of the ballet technique and terminology. Dancers will learn correct body alignment and posture and work on increased flexibility and range of motion through basic barre work and center exercises.
Minimum attendance of 1 class per week (2 is recommended)
Ballet (classes divided by age) — Beg I, Beg II, Intermediate, Advanced
Ballet Beg I through Ballet Advanced provides the core of ballet training for all students learning to dance. Each level is designed to provide an increase in a dancer's challenges, and represents the progression in a dancer's achievements and commitment to dance. All levels emphasizes correct postural alignment, principals of turn out, balance, control and barre and center exercises that become more complex and challenging at each level. The principles taught in each level build upon each other to create a solid foundation for technical strength and proficiency. Dancers must adhere to the following attendance requirements for each level.
• Ballet Beg I- 1 1 hr class per week (2 is recommended)
• Ballet Beg II- 2 1hr classes per week (3 is recommended) - 2 ballet Beg II and 1 Ballet Beg I
• Intermediate- 3 1.5hr classes per week (4 is recommended)
• Advanced- 4 1.5 hr classes per week (additional pointe classes are recommended)
Hip Hop Level I and Level II (classes divided by age)
A high-energy class that uses the latest sounds in rap, R&B and pop music together with movements influenced by some of today’s hottest video choreographers. Hip hop encompasses movement that has elements of poppin', locking, and breaking as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style. Hip hop is urban, it’s street, it’s diverse and forever changing. The classes are broken down by age and by level.
Contemporary Jazz — Beg 1- Beg 2 -Intermediate-Advanced
Jazz is an exciting and ever evolving dance form full of rhythm, syncopation, passion and life. The class begins with a center warm up focused on classical principles, strength, range of motion and flexibility. Dancers are given simple to complex locomotor exercises that challenge these principles depending on their age and class level. Dancers are given center combinations of choreography that encourages individual expression and the development of personal style.
***Intermediate and Advanced Jazz has a prerequisite of three Int-Adv ballet classes weekly.
Modern Int/Adv
This class begins with a full body warm up using breath and concentrating on releasing tension and gaining mobility. The following series of exercises focus on strong placement and classical technique that support a contemporary style balancing lyricism, fluidity, and athleticism. The class culminates in longer across the floor phrases and combinations that utilize the strength, body awareness, and the stylistic sensibility built up throughout the class. The dancers preview and learn basics from a variety of different modern dance techniques.
***Intermediate and Advanced modern has a prerequisite of three Int-Adv ballet classes weekly.
Tap Basic
A 60 minute class that is designed for the dancer that is new to tap. Dancers will receive an introduction and overview of tap technique and terminology. Dancers will learn basic steps and develop skills in rhythm and syncopation.
Tap — Beg I- Beg II- Intermediate-Advanced
At each level of tap the dancers will focus on developing skills in tap technique, rhythm, syncopation and coordination. The combinations, steps and rhythms get more advanced and challenging at each level. Improvisation and choreography are important tools students will develop.
Musical Theater
This class focusing specifically on dance for Musical Theater. The class is fun and appeals to all levels of dancers. Students learn performance technique, different styles of dance, co-ordination, strength, flexibility and choreography inspired by the musical and film world.